Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Four Tiny Angels

Yesterday as I was about to do ceremony for Wesak, I opened the door on the second floor of our house to let some air into the room. Our dog Fluffy came running to the door and looked outside. When I looked down I saw that he was looking at four tiny kittens huddled in the corner on the outside patio! I was so surprised! How did they get there? Where is their mother?
Maybe this was why Merlin told us about talking to the animals. He was preparing me for this discovery. So now we have four more tiny mouths to feed. They are so tiny and helpless. They are so cute. Here are four tiny angels living for two or three weeks right outside our room without us ever knowing until now. This is obviously a gift from the universe.

Today is also the one-year birthday for Fluffy. He has taught me so much. Now a year later I have some more angels come to visit me and teach me more new lessons about love and compassion. Amazing!

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