Monday, May 4, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Wesak Gathering to Greet the Buddha

Once a year during the Full Moon in Taurus the Cosmic Buddha comes to greet the assembly of Ascended Masters and Light Workers from all over the globe. The energy of Love and Light build up with great expectation and excitement as the moment approaches when the Cosmic Buddha comes to rejuvenate our Spiritual Silence and reward us for our good work for the planet.
Today is the day when Cosmic Love and Grace pour into our soul. Today is the day when all the Masters and Light Workers unite their consciousness into the Oneness of the Cosmic Buddha and bring our united Blessings to the Earth.

The Cosmic Buddha will make his appearance at 12:42 Noon Japan Time and join forces with all the Masters and Light Workers. Wherever you are, hold the Sacred Peace in your heart and remain steady as New Life Force floods onto the Earth.
This is the best time to meditate and welcome Peace on Earth for all living beings. If you cannot close your eyes at this time, don’t worry. Just feel the energy moving through the Earth. You can meditate later as your schedule allows. This Global Group Meditation will be with you all day, so you can join at any time. Enjoy the Peace and transformation as the Cosmic Buddha comes to every heart on Earth.


  1. melanie, the full moon was last night. this would have been a more timely post yesterday, as 12:42 noon japan time was 11:42 pm EDT sunday may 3