Saturday, May 2, 2015

Karen Dover ~ The building “blocks” of life


As a race the human race have passed on various building “blocks” generationally.  We teach the younger generation all that we know in the “belief” that they can build a better, more expansive life than we did but what is hidden in plain view and within human language are the “blocks” that we pass on.  How we personally view life is adapted by our children, our children look to us for how to interact with the world and the younger the child the more they will adapt this view.
For instance a young child between the ages of one and three will imitate their parent, usually the mother as traditionally the mother spends more time with her children, this is dictated by society. For any of you reading this blog who chose to go back to work and not to become a “full time” mother you will no doubt remember the dismissive looks and the unsaid words that surrounded and judged this decision.  For those of you who took the decision to become a “full time” mother you would have experienced the dismissive looks and unsaid words from those who chose the opposite.  There are many other examples like this in our outer waking world where it does not matter which “stance” is taken there always appears to be an opposite one that pulls.

So it is with the building “blocks”. Many are so focused on getting it “right” based on the belief patterns that were handed down generationally to them that they filter out this TRUTH. There is no getting it “right” for ALL JUST IS. However the emotional manipulation is there on all levels and can only ever be activated within a human being if said human being is unaware of the “blocks” that they have been handed.
Patterns are generational, societal and cultural. They try to teach us that all who “share” our human life experience use these patterns in order to live a human life upon this planet. More importantly they try to teach us that without these patterns we somehow cannot exist or build a life. The old 3D earth created construct is a created space, it is created from the patterns taught to the human race by those who knew that the human race could be influenced.  The “flaw” if you will (human language is containing and this is deliberate) is our humanity.  What makes us human is what we have been taught to reject.  It is not possible to live entirely in human logic, this sees us live our lives in a passive view, we walk alongside the human life experience, deep in thought and reflection is like watching a video game, it gives the impression we are actually within it but we are separate from it.
We were created to EXPERIENCE, to have emotions flow through us and for us to experience all that we can in this our human form. The old 3D earth created construct has taught us how to separate ourselves from within.  In this moment many are scared to lived, scared to make a “wrong” decision and yet there are in TRUTH only experiences that we choose and we do choose them, an unconscious choice is still a choice. What is hidden is that we are FREE to choose again at any moment. A choice taken and then rejected allows another choice to be taken and so on.
The “blocks” that are now coming up to view are the “blocks” that we have as a race been taught that we need, that life on this planet would not be possible without holding on to these “blocks” and as this is not TRUTH this is not supported. Many people have asked me the question “so if I let go of this, what happens, I will have nothing left”. This is not possible for “nothing” does not exist, the human logical mind may have no reference for that which is the fabric of the human life but this does not negate that the fabric of human life is the LOVE that IS.
Just as we would not build a new house on the remnants of an old one, we would clear it and begin again, so we are asked to begin again anew, from a foundation of the LOVE that IS.  As the human logical mind has no reference for an EMOTION and an experience of said emotion then it will try to teach us that we have nothing, when in TRUTH we have everything. We do not live in a void, we live in a creative space, how we create is by using the tools that we have been given and provided. For many within the human race these are but building “blocks” and the release of these “blocks” is highly triggering. The way in which we have been taught to live by our parents is not the only way to  experience life upon this planet but as our families all run similar patterns and we are continually taught to reference through our families we may believe this illusion.
Many remain where they are in fear of the next movement, stating clearly that they wish a new life experience built on TRUTH and the LOVE that IS but not prepared to give up anything until they are shown what they are moving into. This is not possible for creation is in the moment, the experience is in the moment and this is NATURAL. What we have been taught within the old 3D earth created construct is how to survive in a landscape that is DECONSTRUCTIVE. The more we live on this planet the more building “blocks” we amass. We may change them slightly and then fall to the illusion that we are teaching our children something different to what we experienced but this is not possible as we are blinded by said building “blocks”.
At this moment in time the entire human race are moving into expansion. The panic and chaos in the outer waking reality is but a reflection of  the internal chaos that is raging within each of the 7 billion human vehicles that are either holding on or releasing said building “blocks”. Growth happens beyond our comfort zones and the fear that arises within us as we move into growth is simply the resonant frequencies repelling each other. Both frequencies cannot exist within our human vehicles so we have to align with one of them. For those who choose to try to anchor the frequency that they have been using to build the human life experience this will result in more chaos, there is no support for this frequency for it is not TRUTH.
I cannot underline the need to realize that just because something has “existed” for a long time and is accepted by a good portion of the human race does not make that “something” TRUTH. The entire human life experience was compromised shortly after creation.  We have simply adapted to this compromise, this is not TRUTH and we are now moving into creating from TRUTH and placing TRUTH as the foundation of the human life experience.
As this is an evolutionary process and by this I mean it is our expansion into the wider human life experience it is akin to a giant experiment, where we can exercise free will but our free will is ALWAYS superceded by TRUTH. This is what many are trying to walk around, human will is but a fraction of the equation. We have free will, all sentient beings have free will but free will and TRUTH are two different options which at times will be at odds with one another.
The fallen angels when they were cast out of heaven were exercising free will. They were created to have free will and they choose to exercise their right to go against God’s will. They have taught the human race to do the same, teaching them to believe that simply holding on tightly and forcing human will upon the human life experience is the way to be “in control”.  This sees a life experience that is stressful, anxious, tense and always with a feeling that somehow we are swimming up stream.
There is a natural ebb and flow of  energy in the wider waking universe. It is the design and fabric of the universe which is bound by the LOVE that IS. It is LOVE that is the glue to the universe and we are asked to allow our NATURAL pattern which is part of this design to be shown to us. This sits beyond human will and human comprehension. Part of the beauty of being in human form is the expansion of the human life experience, the moments where we experience the LOVE that IS through what we are presented with. Whether this be another human being, a sunset, an animal or some other experience. We do not have to “control” these events, we are asked simply to allow them to enter our human life experience.
The walls that contain the human race were not put there by anyone other than us, the human race. We were taught to put them in place and to hand them down through the generations. There is much disinformation that is being placed in the outer waking world at this time that would seek to give the illusion that the entire human race is nearing the end of its existence. The illusion is that this existence was ever TRUTH.
We are being shown the way back home, we are being asked to walk in the LOVE that IS and to allow ourselves to build using TRUTH alone. At times this will feel very uncomfortable for we have never been allowed to see that which is TRUTH ever before to the levels that it is shown at this time. Human free will is whether to accept or reject TRUTH, this is personal to each living human vehicle. One path will show you the miracle that is the human life experience, the other choice will show much frustration and further containment as the belief that is triggered is that we are on our own and that we must force our life to be as it is.
Ease and grace are the tools of the New Earth frequency realities. This is a TRUTH that can only ever be experienced as they are translated as emotions, the human logical mind was not created to experience emotion, this is the domain of the heart space which is put on a back burner when the human logical mind is permitted to take over. Many at this time are still attempting to think their way out of a puzzle that does not exist.
We are asked to BREATHE and BE and to understand that we are being shown that which is beyond the veils, the veils are dissolving and as they dissolve the “wizard of oz” is being shown clearly, remove the “wizard” and the illusion dissolves completely. The choice of living on this planet in human form is OURS, it was never anyone else’s we were simply taught that our choices were not our own.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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