Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ DNA and Clearing Family Karma

Our DNA is very ancient! The DNA is so sensitive that it remembers every thought and every event from every physical body that carried it up until the present generation. Even long ago before the DNA evolved into a human body. The DNA is not only a record of our biological evolution. It is also a record of our brain functions and memories both mental and emotional. It holds memories when it was a frog and when it was a monkey all the way through the path of evolution in many varieties of human behavior.
When consciousness moves through our DNA, it is like light moving through the individual film segments of a movie. Whatever picture is on the film gets projected onto the screen of our mind and produces the movie of our life. This means that most of our reactions and impressions in life are the result of what is contained on the film of memory dating back thousands of generations! These memories create our impressions and reactions more than the actual events that we experience each day. No wonder we think strange things sometimes! We are not alone! All of our ancestors including animal lifetimes are influencing our behavior each day. Our mind repeats the thoughts of our DNA continuously and the voices in our head are not our own. The mind is like a computer that simply reacts to the programs we have in our DNA. This is why I say that we cannot trust the thoughts in our mind.

Our heart is the residing place of our soul. Our soul functioning through our heart is the real user of the computer we call mind. As our heart expands with love consciousness, we can reprogram our mind and put some of the old programs in the trash. Meditation helps us to erase and transform these programs. As our consciousness expands and the memories released, meditation is constantly upgrading our system files and improving our reactions from the past. Meditation is the most valuable tool that we have to transform our life into Enlightenment.
As our soul reprograms our DNA, a signal is sent out to all DNA that is tuned into the same frequency. As we change, the DNA is changed in our self and a signal is sent out to our family transforming their DNA at the same time. Complaining about our thoughts and feelings is like complaining about the computer we chose to use. We cannot take this personally. If we change our computer, the entire network of computers gets changed at the same time! This is the real reason why we chose this body. This body is a tool that we can use to not only transform our self, but also simultaneously transform our family at the same time. This body is an instrument to help thousands of generations of people (our family) to change their habits and their memories and create a more enlightened world to live in.
During meditation any time we feel discomfort, our thoughts become taxis for karma that may be thousands of years old. In just a few minutes, the karma that has affected our family for thousands of years is gone. Normally we have no idea how much ancient karma is being released. The karma coming out can appear to be about things that happened to us today, while in fact it is old memories from thousands of generations ago that is influencing our reactions. We are so lucky to have this meditation and be of service to our family and all of our ancestors and help them to be free of pain and distractions on the path to Enlightenment. Only when our DNA is cleared of its friction in Enlightenment can we finally observe what has happened. Meditation always works and thousands of generations of our family are being saved. How lucky we are! Blessings to all of you for the great job you are doing to heal the planet!

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