Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bella Capozzi ~ Dream journeys

☁︎ I'm being guided today to share a theme that has been coming up repeatedly in readings, over the past couple of weeks.  The Angels and Guides seem to be strongly advocating for us all to be especially watchful and aware of what we are doing during the hours that our physical bodies are asleep.  Each client, regardless of their personal situation, seems to have this as either the main theme or as a parting piece of advice in their message.  I genuinely feel that this is another one of many indicators of what a critical time this is in the Earth's ascension.  My own Team is telling me that the work we are doing and the lessons we are being given at night is extremely important, and we must do whatever we can to retain at least a portion of it upon awakening.  Much of what we are doing and are being shown involves our current life-mission, and these memories can provide valuable insight as to what we can and should be doing to help raise the planet's collective vibration.

Of course, rembering our dreams is often much easier said than done! I made it a point to ask each of my clients' Guides for some helpful tips, regarding the retaining of this information.  One especially talkative and helpful Team-member suggested drinking something hot (such as decaffinated tea or a light soup) about an hour before retiring.  Hot liquids, she explained, are very comforting and they lull the body and spirit into a state of peaceful relaxation.  I was also told that it's a good idea to turn off all electronics, especially E-readers, once you get into bed.  If you're like me and need to read before you fall asleep, be sure it's something with a positive or spiritual theme, and is in traditional, paper book-form.

Settle into bed, lie back and take several deep breaths.  see and feel yourself, the room, then your entire home encased in a large orb of glittering white light (this always looks to me like a big snowglobe). Relax the body, quiet the mind and let yourself sink into a meditative state.  As you do this, make this affirmation:

"I set the intention to remember, in a clear and literal way, the travels and lessons I experience tonight while my body sleeps. I set the  intention to retain this knowledge upon awakening and to remember it throughout the day."

Be sure to ask God, the Angels and your own Team to step in and assist you with this.  And never forget to give them permission to intervene and help you out (this is really important, as they will never do anything that will undermine your own free will). Also, keep a notebook and pen on the nightstand, and scribble down whatever you remember-immediately!

Hopefully these bits of advice so lovingly shared by our Family of the Light will be helpful to you in unlocking some new and exciting information.  I would love to hear from you, if you feel like sharing the details of your journeys.  Pleasant dreams!

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