Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Balancing in the New Earth frequencies

karen doonan

As the world begins to increase in chaos and the dissolving of the old 3D earth created construct begins to build momentum many may be trying to find balance by “grounding” their energies using the very traditional methods that are available. It is to be noted that everything that was created within the old 3D earth construct played to said construct, it is therefore no surprise that ways of working energetically will begin to expand and shift naturally as we move into the New Earth frequencies.  “Grounding” into the planet whilst the planet is undergoing massive transformation will see us out of balance, indeed the traditional “grounding” techniques only ever worked with one energy because there was only ever one energy that was available within the old 3d earth created construct, that of female energy.
In the New Earth frequencies there are two energies to balance, female AND male, this requires a slightly different technique when trying to balance this energy both in our human vehicles and align ourselves with the wider universe in TRUTH. It is to be noted that we are not anchoring a new reality through our human vehicles, we are dissolving all the constructs that we have been taught to anchor that prevents us from reaching the wider universe which has always existed. Therefore the “New Earth” concept is not as many assume, a new construct, it is simply a description that differentiates between the construct we birthed into, the old 3d earth created construct and what is already naturally there.

Many assume that we are trying to anchor a vision of a new earth and that thousands have to interact with each other in order to achieve this. This is a distorted old 3d earth teaching that seeks to teach how to build a construct, we are not building another construct and stepping into it, we are stepping out of the box of the old 3d earth created construct into what was always there but we were prevented from accessing.
The very fabric of the universe is the LOVE that IS in TRUTH, GOD created the universe and everything within the universe, the human logical mind will try to reject this TRUTH for the human logical mind has only ever been taught to reference a construct.  You do not therefore have to “believe” in the New Earth, it is the wider universe that was out with our frequency reach in this our human form. It already exists and continues in its expansion. The evolution of the human race is to expand out to reach these frequencies, we are not pulling said frequencies in and through us to anchor them, this would be akin to sitting in a little rowing boat and trying to pull the entire ocean into a bowl inside the boat!
Expansion is just that expansion, as with all old 3D earth teachings we are taught the very opposite of what happens naturally in the universe.
To address this distortion I have recorded two podcasts this week. One explaining the frequency bandwidths and how they work to pull us into “habit” loops and a special separate podcast that explains how the traditional grounding techniques pull us out of balance, this special podcast contains a meditation that is shared to help you balance with the wider universe energies and help you illuminate that which is holding you in the loops. Both of them can be found on the podcast siteHERE.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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