Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Birth of the Star of Light, Our Inner Master

When we look up at the sky at night we can see one of the greatest miracles of the universe. Every child is amazed when they see the millions of stars sparkling in the night like diamonds in the sky. Every star seems so alive and magical: millions of lights spreading throughout the universe floating in infinite space. When the universe was first created these spheres of light appeared out of nowhere and the universe was born. In the Bible it says, “Let there be light, and there was light.”
When the light appeared in the darkness, a soul was born. We can call this first soul the Inner Master. The Inner Master has all of the qualities of God compressed into a sphere of light. This star of light is our original essence and the true nature of our soul. Over time harder layers of karma that formed into our astral soul body and our physical body surrounded this sphere of light. These layers of harder substance are filled with memories that distort our ability to see our true self. As we meditate we peel away these layers until we uncover our true infinite nature as the shining star of the Inner Master and Enlightenment dawns.

All Life in this universe goes through a process of evolution to discover the infinite abilities that our original consciousness has had since the very first moment of Creation. Enlightenment brings us full circle to discover the infinite abilities we have possessed without knowing it since the beginning of time. This moment marks the beginning of a new adventure as we open our heart and see the real miracle of life on Earth.
Our job was simple: go through many levels of evolution through trial and error until we uncover the greatest gift in the universe, our Inner Master. This Inner Master is brighter than any star as it realizes that a human being possesses all the gifts of God while at the same time remaining in this physical world. This is the true meaning of creating Heaven on Earth. The flower of life and all of the secrets of the universe find their fulfillment when we discover our Inner Master and rejoice with all of the gifts it wants to share with us. This is the age when all of the stars of the Inner Masters will wake up and the darkness of the past ages will finally disappear into the light.

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