Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Message from Sananda: The Love of Mother

Blessings Dear Ones! I AM Sananda!
I welcome you with all my Love and Gratitude! You have successfully changed the energy for this year! Your open hearts have sent Love Energy around the planet and melted away difficult karma that would have affected you this year. Because of your Rays of Love Energy, this year will be Peaceful and Happy. Your open hearts have touched Mother Earth very deeply and she is more peaceful than in the past. You can be happy!
Mother Earth is with you. She watches over you with Love and Light like a loving mother, protecting you and assisting you in everything you do. This is what happens when you open your hearts. You are all her children. When the children are happy, mother is happy. When you are living your life with love, mother gives more love to you out of gratitude. As you feel better, she feels better. The mother’s heart is always one with her children.

When I was born as the Master Jesus, Mother Mary was happy. She held me in her Cosmic Arms of Love every day that I was alive as the Master Jesus. My success was due entirely to her love supporting me.
When I was born as Lord Buddha, it was my mother, Salisima Kosapa that held me with her Cosmic Heart throughout my life. Even though she left this life soon after I was born as Lord Buddha, she watched over my life from Heaven. Every step of my life was more purposeful from her support and her love. Even though I never met her in this physical world, I could feel her Divine Presence with me every day of my life. At the end of my life as the Lord Buddha I gave my gratitude to my Heavenly Mother and told my disciples to always honor their mother above all other living beings. With the mother’s love you can accomplish everything.
Even when your earthly mother is drowning in karma, her soul in heaven is watching over you. Do you know that your mother has two levels of consciousness? She is the one you see on this Earth and she is also the one you cannot see watching you from Heaven. When you heart is open, your soul has merged with the energies of Heaven. The door between the worlds is open and your mother in Heaven can take care of you.
Today we give thanks to Love: Love of Mother and Love of Mother Earth. When Mother Earth is happy, all of her children both human, plant and animal, and all the oceans and the land are happy. The gods and the angels that live with Nature are also happy. Honor them with your love and they will honor you! Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all living beings! Bless you, my Children of Light and Love! Thank you with all my Heart! I AM Sananda!

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