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Karen Dover ~ Separation of “worlds” in TRUTH in preparation for the “event”

karen doonan

There is much talk about the “event” and much disinformation which is placed in human definition of said “event”, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear the “event” is a reminder of why we incarnated upon this planet and took human form.  Linear time is a construct and has kept the human race in chains for eternity, whilst you look to a calendar and “see” dates and days the optical illusion prevents you from seeing in TRUTH. The calendar is a CONSTRUCT, constructed to help you accept the WIDER CONSTRUCT that is the old 3d earth created reality.  Many of you at this time can FEEL this TRUTH and can FEEL how out of sync with NATURAL TIME that the human race is at this time. The sleeping patterns that many of you are now adjusting to are NATURAL rhythms but your human logical mind may try to teach you that these are out of sync with the rest of the human race, the human race were TAUGHT to sync with a CREATED CONSTRUCT therefore who is out of sync with whom in TRUTH?

Nature JUST IS and as the construct that is the old 3d earth created reality begins to lose its grip on the human race and the ability returns to align fully with SOURCE and with ALL THAT IS then the NATURAL patterns of creation will begin to flow through us. Letting go and allowing these patterns brings a choice to us at a very conscious waking mind level, the choice of whether to exert our human will over what is happening or to allow the will of our spirit to guide us and to show us TRUTH. Both cannot exist within our human vehicles and many are in frustration and anxiety trying in vain to place human will over the natural ebb and flow of creation.
I have blogged previously about the years that at a linear human level are referenced as 2015 -2017 and these years are pivotal to which “world” we will choose to align with, we cannot align with both the old 3d earth created construct and the New Earth, the frequencies too far apart. Many state at conscious waking mind level that they wish to move into the New Earth reality whilst at all other levels of their being they choose to remain in the frequencies and teachings of the old 3d earth created construct.  The choice that is made is PERSONAL, no one can make the choice for us and our spirit will attempt to show us TRUTH at all moments of all moments. However human will has been strengthened repeatedly within the teachings of the old 3d earth created construct.  Within said construct we are taught repeatedly to create, to go out and do and to make things happen.  We in our human form do not “make” things happen, we create by allowing the energies that are anchored within us to run our human life experience, we are therefore co creating at any one moment, it is the energy that we co create with that seeks to pull us either to TRUTH or away from TRUTH.
Within the old 3d earth created construct these energies were all lower dimensional in frequency. We were taught how to survive in a construct that is not natural but this was hidden in plain view from us. At a very deep level we KNOW what is just and fair and what is against the natural will of our spirit. However the teachings are so strong and are anchored so deeply that we will often default to the mass census and step down from standing in our TRUTH, many will seek to follow in an attempt to remain hidden in their choices but the choices are seen for ALL ARE ONE and there is no separation in TRUTH.  To try to hide is therefore negated by the ONENESS that seeks to flow through the entire universe.  Many who are given the choice of heart or mind will choose mind, deferring to logic and seeking to then prove the logic. KNOWING JUST IS and is present within us at all moments of all moments.
To prevent us from accessing this the old 3d earth created construct taught us to distrust self, to seek out the opinions and the WILL of others in their human form and the human race began to contain itself within this teaching. How often do you stop yourself from doing something based on your perception of how others will think about you?  This is just one example of the self policing that was TAUGHT to the human race and is now breaking down within said human race.
The human race is therefore on the edge of a precipice, as many will state clearly within the old 3d earth created reality the human race can no longer continue along its CURRENT path. The CURRENT talked about is frequency, the human race can no longer place its will above the will of creation and this is being played out by world events and at a very personal levels within the human race.  We are asked to choose from the heart space, we are asked to align with our SPIRIT in TRUTH, not our SOUL as the SOUL is a tool of the old 3d earth created construct, indeed aligning with SOUL will see the deconstruction of the human life experience rapidly accelerate.
We are SPIRIT that has incarnated into a human vehicle, born into a reality that sought to teach that the will of the human vehicle was above all else and this is not TRUTH. To align with spirit sees the flow of CREATION begin, the understanding that the human vehicle is but PART of the creation process and that the human viewpoint is of limited view.  There are vast energies at play at this time upon the planet earth and we are asked to step into our power in TRUTH, that power sits with God who created the entire universe. It does not sit at the will of man and indeed it is the will of man which has brought the human race to its knees.  We in our human form do not have the full picture, we have what we are permitted to see by the filters that are placed upon us due to our belief systems.
God SEES ALL for he is the creator of the universe. We were created at SOURCE and we are spirit, we were created by GOD and we have the choice in this our human form to reconnect back to our spirit and SOURCE or to continue with the teachings of the old 3d earth created reality which seek to teach that the human logical mind has all the answers. It is to be noted that I am not referencing religion for religion is MAN MADE and therefore will seek to disconnect the human race from the creator, placing MAN above creation is not TRUTH.
Placing man equal to God is also not TRUTH for God created the universe, man is therefore able to align with God through spirit and to allow the will of God to flow through, around and within him but religion seeks to promote man as the mouthpiece of God and this is not TRUTH.  God is found within the heart space and our connection to God in TRUTH is personal and unique, let no one come between you and God.
The separation has begun and will play out on the planet earth over the coming linear 2 human years approximately. During this period TRUTH will be revealed on all levels. We are asked to align with TRUTH and to let go of all that we have been taught in order to remember who we are in TRUTH. To understand that we are but PART of creation, we are not all of creation and we do not create per se, we are able to CO create in TRUTH only. This does not disempower us, this EMPOWERS us for we are vastly more than we have been taught and our human will is nothing compared to the frequency of the LOVE that IS that seeks to pour through us at this time.
In our human form this may be challenging for we have been taught that if we do not control our human lives there will be nothing but chaos and this is not TRUTH. For those of you who have been able to let go and allow the NATURAL flow of creation to flow through you, around you and within you, you will have experienced the GRACE, the SERENITY and the PEACE that is found in this space. For those who sit on the cusp of this I guide you to let go, for in letting go you reclaim ALL but this is to be experienced, it cannot be constructed then stepped into for it already exists out with the construct that you have been taught to reference as your reality. For ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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