Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ A Crisis can be Healed with Love

When we have love any challenge and any crisis can be changed to positive results. Love is the most powerful healing tool we have.
Yesterday afternoon, my wife started to have pain in her chest. As the evening came she was doubled over in a lot of pain and it kept getting more intense. I felt helpless not knowing what was wrong and not knowing what to do to help her.

Finally I decided to just put my hand on the place where she felt the pain. Love rose up inside of me and started to flow through my hand. My hand was vibrating with heat and I could feel the energy inside of her body like static electricity sending sparks into my hand. My hand turned red but I kept it on her body until the electrical feeling was calm. It took about an hour, but finally I could feel and hear gas moving inside her colon. Then the vibration was quiet and she smiled. The pain was gone.
It is so amazing how just feeling love go through my hand naturally created such a powerful healing. I wasn’t trying to send energy or do anything special. I just placed my hand on her pain with love. Love did it all!
What a miracle love is. What a blessing that I stopped what I was worried about and just sat with her and gave her love and it worked. Love heals all wounds. It is really true. No matter what form of healing we use, it is not the form that heals. It is the love that does all the healing. The less we try to be a healer and the more we just give our love, the faster and more complete is the healing. We are not the healer, love is!

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