Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Talking to the Animals – A Message from Merlin

Well Blessings to you my beautiful friends! I am the Merlin, Master of Magic and Master of the Transformation Energy you call Ascension!
I come to you today riding on a Violet Cloud in the shape of a Dragon! But this is no ordinary cloud! It moves like the wind very quickly through the sky of the entire universe. I can go anywhere I please in a moment. At this very moment I am approaching your Earth from high in the sky.
I remember each of you from the time when you were with me in Camelot and Shambala. Do you remember?

Just before you were born into this life, you were with me in the Celestial Kingdom of Light that exists in a Parallel World very close to this Earth. Here is where you are trained in the Spiritual and Mystical Arts that provides you with all the tools that you will need for your final lifetime on Earth. This is the lifetime you have chosen to become Enlightened and bring all of your Spiritual Knowledge into the mundane atmosphere of planet Earth. This was your final training to become a fully Awakened Master here on Earth. I remember how excited you were!
Those of you who were born in the Western World did your final training in Camelot along with Sananda. Those of you who were born in the Eastern World did your final training in Shambala along with Sanat Kumara. I would journey between these Kingdoms of Light as your tutor in the Lemurian Arts. I taught you many magical things that you would need before you entered into this present lifetime.
Today is time for a review of your lessons! This is not a test. This is fun! While you were in this Celestial Kingdom, I introduced you to the animal angels and to the tree angels. I taught you how to talk to them and share your love with them so that you might remember in times of need that you have many friends here to help you. They are waiting for you to remember the angel souls that reside in every thing in Nature. These are your guardian angels! They can give you love any time you need it.
Remember that when you need to talk to the animals or communicate with the trees, it is not done with words. Your communication must come from your heart and form into a picture of what you want to share. All angels communicate in pictures filled with love and happiness. Create an image in your heart of what you most desire to share with the angels of Nature and project a picture of it to the heart of the animal or tree. Even a simple feeling like I Love You is enough. Create a violet colored heart and send it to the angel who is in the body of the animal or tree. They will receive it and give you a gift of more love than you expect. They always respond! You have met all of these angels before you were born. They have an agreement with you.
Share your love like an innocent child and the angels will lift you out of your worry into the light of love. I am the Merlin. I am your tutor who is here at this precious time to remind you that you are not alone. Your angel friends are all around you. Just open your heart and give them love. They will return the blessing to you! I am Merlin! Blessings to you!

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  1. I have been rescuing and rehoming animals for 19 years and other than GOD there is not purer love and gratitude than an animal I help. Right now between dogs and cats I care for 19 animals or they care about me.