Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Flower of your True Nature is Hiding Beneath the Hard Bud of Karma

Our Inner Master or Divine Self is like a delicate flower hiding beneath the hard skin of the bud. When we are born we choose our body to suit the lessons we want to learn in this life. These lessons often challenge us with the hard lessons of karma. But inside of us beneath the shell of our outer appearance and our outer personality are all of the answers we seek and all of the gifts and abilities we want to develop. This is the delicate flower of our true nature. This delicate flower is hidden from view until we learn how to break through the hard outer bud of our karmic habits and behaviors forced on us from our environment.
Maybe you are feeling that you are not as clever as others or have more karma than others. Never compare yourself to someone else. This is your movie not theirs. You chose this body and personality for only this lifetime. Before this life and after this life you will be free of the role you play in this movie and return to your natural self. Just like an actor returns home after making a movie and can be them self again. You did not choose the part of someone else. They have their role and their lessons, and you have your role and your lessons. If you try to compare your self to them and try to be like them, you will ignore the lessons you signed up for and have to repeat the semester in your next life.

Each lifetime is like a semester at the university of life. Before you begin each life you choose the lessons you want to learn. Everyone does this before they are born. You cannot choose more lessons than the semester will allow. There is no such thing as one person having more karma than someone else! When it seems like you have more karma than someone else, it is because you have chosen more difficult courses than they did. Usually only the best students choose the more difficult courses, because they desire to graduate sooner than everyone else. If you are having a difficult life, it is because your soul is getting ready to graduate and get its enlightenment.
Behind the mask of your outer personality and all of your behaviors and mistakes is the delicate flower of your true nature. You have to peel away the layers of karma and allow this flower to blossom. The layers of karma only distort who you really are and give you the appearance of all the things you want to change about your self and learn. The most important lesson you have to learn is not to compare your self to someone else. It will only make you feel not good enough. You will also have to learn how to trust your self by your self and for your self. You already have the Inner Master waiting inside of you to discover it. This Inner Master not only knows everything you want to know and how to do it, but it is also the real you that you can only realize once the layers of karma have been stripped away.
Don’t worry about what you can’t do or how clumsy you feel. Look behind this outer mask of your behavior and discover your true nature as the Inner Master. The Inner Master is the real you that looks through the eyes of this body/mind. This body/mind is a hard outer shell that prevents you from being your self. It is so hard that it is inflexible and won’t behave the way your Inner Master wants to behave. It is only a role in a movie. Learn to be your self and trust your self. Do your best to learn your lessons and peel away the outer mask so the inner flower of your true nature can emerge. You can do this! If you fail and fall down, pick your self up again and keep growing and learning. In this way, one by one the layers of karma will be released until your true nature as a living Master can blossom in your life forever. The blossoming of our true nature is called Enlightenment. It is eternally free and eternally powerful and happy. It is infinite love, infinite energy and has infinite abilities to do anything you desire.

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