Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ Holy Water: Nature’s Gift for a more Healthy Life

The human body is 50% to 75% water. Water cleanses our body and helps us to detox the elements that interfere with good health. When we compare the element of water with consciousness, water helps us to ground our spiritual awareness and integrate it into our daily life. Drinking lots of water also helps us to clean our body and build up the good nutrients that our body needs when we are moving spiritual energy.

Water has always been used in spiritual work to bring in the Divine Light also called the Light of the Holy Spirit. Baptisms are common in many cultures as a form of blessing and as a means to bring in this Divine Light to wash away our karma. If you want to make Holy Water, you can meditate with the water in your hands and empower it with spiritual energy. Then after meditation use your breath to blow love and light into the water. Just blow over the water with the intention to put love and light into it. Do this for several minutes until you feel that the water has been energized. Now you have Holy Water! You can drink it to bring more love and light into your body and soul or use it to clear away emotional discomfort. You can also put some of the Holy Water on your body in places that irritate you or cause pain. The Holy Water will help to remove the karma that is irritating you and bring in more love and light.

If the energy in your room is stagnant or stuffy or has some negative stress, you can follow the example of the Chinese who put a fish tank or a small waterfall near the entrance of the room. The water catches the negative energy that comes through the door into your room and prevents it from entering. As long as the water is circulating and moving, it will constantly cleanse the atmosphere and remove negative energy. Water is also a conductor for spiritual electricity. It can help to surcharge the energy in the room with positive energy. This is the same condition that happens when we sit beside moving water to feel better. It’s amazing how just a little flowing water can make a difference in the way you feel and the way your room feels.

When water is flowing, it moves our consciousness and our Ki or Life Force to help us recharge and rejuvenate our heart and mind. We feel refreshed and have a boost of energy for a long time afterwards. Sometimes the most simple things can create an amazing shift in our energy. Water is all around us. Nature provides us with water because it is one of the most essential elements for sustaining, rejuvenating and cleansing our life force. Make use of this simple gift from Nature and improve the way you feel.

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