Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Karen Dover ~ Angelic support in the transition of planet earth and her peoples


Many of you may be very familiar with the concept of “angels” and at this time there are many angels who are pouring onto the planet earth.  Bible prophecy talks about the angels and their roles and how angels play a pivotal role in the “end of times”  as it is being played out.  Many people assume angels are of heaven and therefore “good”.  This is one of the biggest misconceptions and outright lies that the human race have been taught.  Angels were created by GOD, all angels were created at SOURCE and they are given designated roles and places within the different levels of heaven.  However a “fallen angel” is an angel which has disobeyed the word of GOD.
GOD created all angels with free will. Human kind also was created with free will, this allows us to make our own choices but we have been taught within the old 3D earth created construct that these choices are somehow made for us. The responsibility for our choices rests at all times with us personally.  When our spirit returns to SOURCE our choices are shown for that which they are in TRUTH. This is filtered out by many in the human race and is used against the human race by the fallen ones.

Lucifer is an angel, he was created by GOD and he is a beautiful angel. As such it is very, very easy to take him for other than he is.  There is much talk of angels “shining”, well Lucifer shines, he was the most beautiful angel that GOD created but he chose to defy GOD and use his free will to make choices other than he was made for.  At this time upon the planet all are taking their positions for that which is stated in Revelations in the Bible. It will play out between now (2015) and 2017 in human linear time.
It would be incorrect to assume that somehow this war is a man made creation, the spiritual war that has raged for eternity is one that was created when Lucifer was cast out of heaven which was PRIOR to the creation of the human race.  The human race are the pawns in the game that has raged on this planet for eternity.  As human beings are part spirit and part human flesh it is relatively easy to become blind to anything other than is being presented in a solid form to our human eyes. Indeed this optical illusion has been presented to us from birth, we are taught by our parents, society and culture how the world works and unless we begin to challenge the teachings we simply adopt this view and contain our human life experience accordingly.
When GOD created angels he created them to be of service to humanity and to be of service to him personally. Angels were never created to be worshipped, that is not their role. However Lucifer chose his own free will and this was done in defiance of this creation. He demanded worship and it was this “toddler” demanding performance that saw him cast down to the planet earth which is his dominion.  He is EARTH BOUND, prevented from every reaching heaven due to the casting out and the forbidding of his creator which is GOD.
Many look out onto the world and see religion and assume that all religion is somehow a pathway back to SOURCE and this is not TRUTH.  Upon incarnation upon this planet and into human form we are seeded with TRUTH, it resides deep within our heart space, it is our “knowing” and is activated upon reconnection back to SOURCE which is connection back to GOD via Christ. There are many religions upon this world and all were created by the fallen angels who require energetic sustenance as they are no longer connected to SOURCE. ALL energetic sustenance that is TRUTH comes from SOURCE, the human race have been taught to try to connect through and to each other and this sees many drained, tired and anxious, our energetic SOURCE is our point of origin which for many in human form is GOD.
It is to be noted that the fallen angels chose free will and mated with humans at the beginning of the creation period, this allowed them access to human DNA which allowed them to take human form for longer. An angel cannot maintain human form for any length of time due to the energetic signature that they carry, the human vehicle is too dense to hold this amount of energy.
ALL that is presented within the old 3d earth created construct is illusion, it can only be navigated in TRUTH through the heart space which allows for a flow of the LOVE that IS.  As this is the higher frequency that exist then it will NATURALLY flush out any lower dimensional frequency.  At this time there are many fallen angels that walk in the guise of being “light” beings, using their energy signature to confuse, to imitate and their knowledge to corrupt.  Angels have knowledge that is beyond human kind for they were created to be beyond the human race. This does not make them somehow superior, it just sets them apart from the human race. ALL creation in the universe is for a purpose, it is assumption for us in our human form to try to place hierarchy where GOD has just placed.
There are many fallen angels who are about to be exposed for who they are in TRUTH, they are hanging on just by their vibration, they have been earth bound for so long that they have adapted to the lower frequencies that have been created by their actions. Any heightened frequency will see them attempt to lower the frequency once more to stabilise themselves. They can and have taken residence in human beings.  They will attempt to hold on to their host as long as possible and many walk with this energy “playing” not realising that it is this energy that is corrupting their human life experience.  The human life experience is only supported in TRUTH. We came here in order to experience life on this planet, the gift of life from GOD is peace, love, TRUTH, harmony and union.
This is the opposite of what the fallen angels require to survive at a lower frequency. The New Age religion was created by the fallen angels and is populated with many fallen angels.  Worshipping of these lower dimensional beings sees those who interact with them in holding patterns, experiencing deep grief, deep anger, deep frustration as it appears their human life experience is about to unfold then it collapses once more.  The fallen angels need the lower dimensional frequencies that are emitted from these experiences and emotions.
Angels that reside in heaven are now beginning to flood on to the planet, this is seeking to raise the frequency of the entire planet which is required in order to support the human race. The human race and the planet are in sync, one supporting the energetic signature of the other. Many at this time are holding on to the teachings that they have been taught but are not able to validate said teachings.  TRUTH can be validated through an actual PHYSICAL experience, it can be interacted with and experienced on the physical level.
Fallen angels cannot manifest to this level, only GOD creates and activates.  Fallen angels can spin a very convincing illusion but like the Wizard of Oz the illusion cannot be interacted with, it can be walked through, it cannot be physically manifest in a solid form upon the planet. The angels are not given creation rights, only GOD creates.
Knowledge may be power but partial knowledge is used to confuse, to cause anxiety to deconstruct and to lead astray. The fallen ones taught the human race “just enough” to make them believe that they were indeed angels. They taught them no more as they required them to be in service to them.
At this time the veils are lifting, they will be cleared very shortly, that which is presented to the human race is TRUTH, albeit the human race at many times does not want to see said TRUTH. It can be infuriating to realise that we have been pawns in a war that is beyond our conception but TRUTH JUST IS. It is to be noted that there is NO requirement to participate in the spiritual war, that is not what the human race was created for.  We need only connect to GOD through Christ to be taken out of the battle arena.
For those of you who read my words and instantly detach I would caution you, I am not writing from “theory”, I am writing from knowledge gained through actual physical experience as I know of many others who have also had similar experiences. When a fallen angel wants to make its presence known to you and wants you to make a decision it will show you its true colours. The experience is not pleasant but is confirmation to that which many on this planet simply dismiss as myth.
The “devil” does not come with horns and a pointy tale, he comes shimmering, looking beautiful but that is only his “image”, his energy signature cannot be disguised for TRUTH JUST IS.  He walks this planet along with ONE THIRD of the angels of heaven who were cast out. They take many forms and they can only ever been felt, FEEL the energy signature of everything that tries to interact with you and allow your heart to show TRUTH.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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