Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bob Fickes ~ The Gift of the Universe

The Four Tiny Angels disappeared in the night. I guess their mother came to get them. My family is very sad. But we also feel good knowing that their mother cares for them and came back. But it left me with a question: what was my gift from the universe?
As I looked deeply into this, I realized that my gift was a clearing of mental resistance, an old pattern of my relationships with cats. I have always had an allergy to cats ever since I was a child. When the babies showed up yesterday, I let go of my old resistance and said, “Yes I will take care of these helpless children of the universe.” This was a test. I did it. I accepted something that normally I would have rejected. Instead of finding them a new home, I opened my heart to them and accepted full responsibility for their care.

Now my heart feels more open and clear. My conscious mind let go of an old belief and set me free. Now when I see cats, my heart has more love then before. The Wesak full moon moved my heart to universal love without any restrictions or exceptions, just total surrender to the will of the Universe.
The great teaching I had heard as a child was now a real feeling in my heart. “Let Thy Will be done!”
I have no more exceptions or mental qualifications, just simple innocence to the Will of God and the Will of the Universe. The angels must be happy with their mother. I am happy with my family. The universe is happy. Such a simple truth has visited me with no more thinking or reasoning.
When I read the comments from yesterday, my heart was overflowing with love. Love is the gift that is getting brighter and brighter with each day. Soon I will be in Japan teaching the Love Mantra. My heart swells with love to be able to support all of you and do the work that the universe has given me to do. Thank you all so much! And thank you little angels for opening my heart to a new level. Bless you angels and bless you all my friends!

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