Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Children’s Dreams

Remember when you were a child and would look up at the night sky with all the stars and dream about the meaning of life in this universe? Every child looks at the sky and remembers what it was like before they entered into this physical life. The child dreams about other worlds and other types of living beings not found on this earth. They dream of flying and doing all kinds of amazing things that are impossible in a physical body. The child doesn’t really know that these dreams come from their memory of the spiritual world they came from before coming here. Their soul longs for the complete freedom and joy of those spiritual dimensions and desires to bring them here into this life again. The dreams of a child are designed to take us to our next step in evolution. This is why every child dreams.

Children’s dreams create their future. When their parents crush those dreams and tell them that they are not realistic, the child’s heart grows cold and their imagination begins to disappear. The life they will live in the future will be the same as their parents life without any hope of something more wonderful.
There are many high souls coming into this Earth at this time. Our children are wiser and more inquisitive than we were. They are born to challenge this world and take us into a future where our imagination will become our most important tool. As parents we must learn how to empower our children to use their imagination and create constructive dreams that will develop their consciousness. It is no accident that todays movies are full of super heroes and future abilities that today might appear to be impossible. The dreams of today will become the reality of tomorrow.
Let your children dream. Teach them that there is a time to dream and a time to focus on today. Encourage them to desire the impossible and reach for the stars. But it is also our job to teach them about how to live in this world and be tolerant of people who are short sighted. Your children can see behind the mask and they know when someone is lying to them. They are wiser and more aware than we are. As much as we want to help them, they can also help us!
Encourage your children to share their dreams with you. Listen to how excited they are and how much they want to stretch this reality into the spiritual realms. Close your eyes and see if you can take the journey with them. This may be a great opportunity to rediscover the dreams of your own childhood and recover some of the wonderful treasures you have lost.

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