Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ The Masters Space Ship in the Sky

Yesterday we were taking a drive through the mountains around Ito and as we came around a long curve were suddenly facing Mt.Fuji! It was so immense and magnificent. We were lucky it was such a clear and sunny day! Fuji seemed to glow with so much light and spiritual power. i was overwhelmed! i hadn’t seen the mountain for a long time and when i was there it was usually cloudy. But this was so close and so clear, I had to wonder if Maria and Lady Master Venus were still there. I got an instant “YES!”
Then suddenly I saw a flash of light in the sky. At first I thought it was an airplane, but it was not moving. It looked like the light reflecting off of a metallic surface, but was too bright for a reflection. My heart jumped as I felt a strong wave of Love. I realised that this must be one of the Masters Ships! i was feeling Maria and Lady Master Venus on Fuji but there were more Masters in the ship hovering nearby including the familiar presence of Sanat Kumara. The light disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. But every time we came around a long curve and saw Mt. Fuji again, the light reappeared in the same location in the sky. This happened three times! The third time the light was a brilliant pink and magenta light piercing the sky like a laser.

I have had many experiences like this over forty years ago, but they haven’t appeared to me since that time. This was the first Master’s Space Ship I have seen in all those years. i take it as a sign that we are doing the right work at the right time. The Masters are definitely with us and particularly with Mt. Fuji at this time. So I send my love to all of them and ask for their continued help in the grand project to Awaken Japan to Enlightenment.

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