Friday, December 5, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Embracing TRUTH, changing perception


There is much talk about TRUTH and there is much debate about the entire human life experience upon this planet.  Many people ask me why something they thought was “TRUTH” shifts when I state that TRUTH JUST IS.  It is important to realize and understand that TRUTH JUST IS but your perception of said TRUTH will alter and change as you let go of all that is trying to teach you that something is other than it is in TRUTH.
This comes down to the human logical mind and the way that it references the human life experience.  When you allow yourself to have an EXPERIENCE and let go you are not in perception, you are in EXPERIENCE, when you are trying to logically work out what is being placed before you then you are in PERCEPTION and not experience, they are not the same thing.

For many people the human life experience has become something to debate and something to perceive, it is not an experience. On the Beyond the Looking Glass Radio Show this evening I gave the example of grass, how you can debate the different types of grass, how it feels, how it looks but until you actually stand and EXPERIENCE said grass you are perceiving how the grass is, you are not EXPERIENCING it and as grass JUST IS the experience that you have will change each time you allow the experience. What the human logical mind does is reference something that you have experienced and then when it APPEARS that you are having the “same” experience it pulls out the memory of the “past” experience and tries to teach you that you must react a certain way in response to said “past” experience.
This takes you out of the now moment if you follow the human logical mind for you are thenperceiving what is happening and not experiencing the NOW moment in which you have.  The logical mind does not like this and you may have to read this blog a couple of times to allow yourself to fully understand the difference between perception and experience.  Just as the human logical mind will try to teach you that what you see is all that is occurring, the human logical mind filters out almost 80 percent of the information it takes in, so what it has a reference point for will be what it holds on to when information comes into your awareness that supports what it has ALREADY referenced. This is why it is vital to allow the experience that is now occurring and unfolding around you, through you and within you as you have never experienced at this level before the human logical mind will attempt to filter the experience out.
It will attempt to teach you that what you are feeling cannot be correct for it will have no “proof” in the form of reference points for said experience. This is the challenge that many of you are going through at this time, those who are in your human life who also do not allow experience and are relying on the reference points will try to persuade you to listen to your mind and not your heart. This is purely because they are head centered and not allowing the heart to show TRUTH and only the HEART KNOWS TRUTH. The human logical mind has references to what it has been TAUGHT, not what is known because knowing only comes from SOURCE which is the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH and sits beyond the human logical mind.
At this time upon the planet the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH is attempting to show you TRUTH by placing before you experience of what is often termed the “unknown”. As you are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth created construct to fear the “unknown” many of you will be in a space where you have polar opposites with regard to your human mind OR your HEART space. In supporting you the universe holds the space for you to play with this, you CANNOT get this wrong, there is no “right” or “wrong”, there JUST IS, so many of you at this time are in what appears to be holding patterns, held by the universe as you navigate the New Earth frequencies that ask you repeatedly to make decisions based on how you FEEL and not what you think.
Many of you may be in a sort of “groundhog” day where the situation will appear to remain, this is your opportunity to make a decision from the HEART space and not from the human logical mind and as you remain true to your HEART space then the situation will begin to unfold, evolve and expand.  Holding on to the logical mind interpretation of the situation will prolong the situation, it cannot unfold in anything other than TRUTH, for TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE.  To allow the human life experience in TRUTH you are asked to let go and BE, follow your heart space and allow the experience to confirm to you that which you FEEL.  This is the polar opposite of how you were taught that life is and why the old 3d earth created construct will appear to remain, for only by letting go of what you have been taught can you allow the experience to show you that which JUST IS.
For those of you who have reached the frequency level requested by the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH to move into expansion I am running SOUL Collection ™ classes online weekly. For further information on these classes please visit the main website or click here.
TRUTH JUST IS and as you begin to navigate the frequencies of the New Earth in TRUTH this will be confirmed to you by experience.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.

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