Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Karen Dover ~ Expanding into creation in TRUTH

Many of you can feel the shift and the intense movement over the last 24 hours as the New Earth energies work to push you into expansion.  The downloading of frequencies being experienced as intense waves, extreme heat/cold and intense dreaming.
All is working to push the human life experience into a multi and inter dimensional EXPERIENCE. This may be pushing you into very unfamiar territory as you begin to decode the New Earth frequencies which allow you to begin to anchor a knowing which is often rejected by your human logical mind.
Feelings of deja vu may wash over you as you try to reconcile the knowing with the need of your human logical mind to find a reference point for that which you are experiencing.
I have blogged in respect of the need of the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH to move into said expansive energies and the need of the SOUL construct to keep you within a contained frequency. Deep frustration arises within the human vehicle as it is not possible to run both frequencies at the same time. This at a human conscious waking mind level sees you begin to create and the creation appearing to manifest but remaining almost static. The New Earth calls for movement into new experiences and not simply a shinier version of what you have lived so far.

The SOUL construct has what can be termed an agenda. This is an unconscious set of rules that seek to shape your human life experience into a certain range of experiences. This is not TRUTH and is therefore not supported in the New Earth.
The ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH exists out with the SOUL construct and is at this time attempting to show you this. To be in alignment with SOURCE is to allow expansion beyond the SOUL.
It is to be noted that the SOUL has a defence mechanism and will attempt to persuade you to leave it in place. ALL that is TRUTH will anchor and expand whilst all that is not will dissolve and the heightened energies are seeking to help you release all that is not TRUTH.
I am running weekly SOUL collection classes and more information regarding these can be found on the main website.
“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”

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