Monday, December 1, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Memories of Lemuria

Mother Earth has created a time warp that is bridging the present with our ancient past. Many people are starting to remember a time when our consciousness was full of Light and Love, and could do anything we desired. Our bodies were non-physical and pure energy was our playground. We were all masters then and our world was free of all separation and discord.
When Lemuria disappeared, we forgot who we were and lost our spiritual powers. Most of us entered into physical forms and experienced many lifetimes in different civilizations around the world from Atlantis to Egypt, South America and Shambala in Western China. We waited for the time when our powers could return and we could help regenerate the Earth to establish a New Age of Enlightenment. After one million years of waiting, the people of the world are ready to open their consciousness to higher levels and need our guidance to clear the heavy karma of the past and discover the real meaning of being human.

Human nature is not what we are experiencing today. The true nature of human consciousness is miraculous. It goes beyond the physical limitations of our modern age. If we are going to clear the pollution and destructive tendencies of our modern world, we will need assistance from those ancient souls who were trained as Masters of the Spiritual Arts in Lemuria. If you have been following this blog, you are one of those great souls who are carrying spiritual gifts that can manipulate energy and matter to restore balance and Divine Harmony to our planet Earth.
The time warp is opening the door to our memories. You will experience new energy surging through your soul consciousness. Your present life in this world will start to feel like a waste of time and you will desire to change into something your mind cannot comprehend. Your soul is literally being lifted into a perception of Infinite Light and Infinite Love, but your mind will feel confused about what is happening. We have not had enough training in the spiritual dimensions to understand what to do with this energy and how to continue to live a practical life in this world.
The challenge that you are facing is impossible to understand through common logic in the material world human beings have created over the past several thousand years. You must trust your instincts and step across the line that others call reasonable and be among the first to realize a life beyond the physical limitations of this earthly body and mind. You are becoming a dreamer! The dreamers of today will be the creators of a new world for our future as Enlightened Human Beings. Our friends and family will tell us to live a normal life with a normal job and responsibilities. But we know that this kind of thinking is not working. It is only bringing our world closer to destruction and pain.
Every day you can take ten minutes of your time just before you go to sleep and visualize what it was like to live in the non-physical world of Lemuria. It is time to dream. It is time to stretch our imagination into the amazing world of dreams. What would it be like to fly through the air, to materialize things out of thin air, to bend time and space and visit worlds beyond this reality? It is time to explore and fantasize about our future. If your mind can imagine it, your consciousness can begin to create it. It only takes a few minutes a day to set your mind free of all limitations and begin the fantastic journey into the world of Spiritual Dimensions. Maybe some will call you crazy, but others who are already your friends will say they want to join you in the great exploration of human potential beyond the physical world of our recent history. The memories of Lemuria are already rising up inside of you. Play with them until you understand how to manifest them into reality. This is a time to not be so serious. It is a time to play!

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