Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bob Fickes ~ Removing the Masks

Everything you are looking for is inside of you already. Your mind is shouting at you do this do that but what you need is inside of you. You need to ask your mind to be quiet and allow you to tune in. When we are too busy, we can’t here the whisper of our heart telling us what we need to know.
You are a treasure waiting to be discovered! The real you is buried under layers of false programs and negative attitudes about your self. If you can peel away those layers, you will discover the greatest master you could ever meet. This master will never leave you and has always loved you more than any living being in the universe.

No one can give you this. No one can take it away. After you remove the layers of your masks, there is an eternal being of Love, Wisdom, and Compassion hiding within. You are already that wonderful being, but you are acting in the world the way you have been told and the way others expect of you. When you remove the masks and just be your self, you will discover how wonderful life is and how amazing you are!

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